WTS: 60 Cleric Perento EU Asmo

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    WTS veteran account on EU server Perento asmodian side. Account has 6 characters: 60 Cleric, 50 Templar, 35 Assassin, 31 Spiritmaster, 30 Gladiator, 30 Sorcerer Cleric's gear: Magic boost set: Full siel's forgotten chain set +1 all with +27 magic boost manastones, Fenris warhammer +5 Magic Resist set: 55/60 arena 2condition +1 to +2 all with +14 MR stones, 60 ETERNAL ELITE SHIELD also +14 MR all and +5, 1condi 55 arena mace with stun gs +1 with MR +12 all HP set: 55/60 arena 2condition from +3 to +1 all socketed with +95 HP stones Block set (not full yet): Gloves and Boots 50e +10, 55 2condition arena mace +1 with paralyze gs, 55 2condi arena shield +1 ALL FULL BLOCK +27 SOCKETED Staff: Kahrun's Peace staff +1 merged with 55 2condi arena staff, all socketed with +27 magic boost stones and 1888 2% dmg godstone Jewels: 50Ap gold neck, 1x 55ap gold earring, 1x 60et ap earring, 2x 55ap gold rings, eternal ap belt from dredgion for casters Wing: Kahrun's Wing; Mount: Pagati Ironhide (no time limited); Hovering motion (no time limited); Fenris's Fang and Wheeler-Deeler title; FULL BOTH STIGMA TREES; Many pets (including looting pet, 18 space pouch pet, 3x 12 space pouch pet) 4 140 pvp kills was 4-star officer 69 mithril medals, 140 gold medals, 2x stun godstones, 1x attk speed reduction godstone, some aether and more useful stigmas in warehouse cleric is master cooking (540+); it has 499 essence tapping and 499 aether tapping I have screenshots of all the things. I can send it by email or . Templar's gear: Full Fenris's set from +3 to +1, all crit +17 socketed. 2 parts of 40e +0 not socketed yet. Lannok greatsword +10 with 30e greatsword merged. Fenris's Greatsword +3 with demolition greatsword merged. Fenris's Fang and Wheeler-Deeler titles. Dps stigmas tree Assassin's Gear: 30 daevanion full +10 full attack +4 stones. 30 daevanion dagger +10 full attack +4 stones. 30AP gold sword pvp jewels lvl 30 The rest of chars has around 100k ap each. Good for making a twink. I accept offers and b/o is 200 euro. Contact me via email: [email protected] or my : smovie4051 WTT AVAILABLE FOR ACCOUNT WITH ASSASSIN ON EU SERVERS NO MATTER RACE BUT GEAR HAS TO BE ABG +10 OR BETTER. In case of this, I can trade acc plus give some money. __________________________________________________ _________________
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