[WTS] 6 Million SP Caldari Focused Toon Pilot ($50)

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts For Sale' started by Eve Online, 4/28/12.

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    6M SP Caldari-focused toon. Great core skills, ready to begin missile and ship skills+80D Game time

    Note: I am also selling a twin to this character, buy both for a great main/alt combo.
    BONUS: The sooner you buy, the more days you'll have left. Currently account has over 90 days remaining!
    Currently flies Drake with T2 tank fine (needs moar missile skills though). Has 1 remap available, currently mapped to train electronics/engineering skills. 30 20 20 20 24. Ready to train towards Tengu, put 45 days of training in and you'll be sitting in a great one!
    Sec Status: -1.97 (still highsec safe!)
    Electronics V
    Electronics Upgrades V (in a few days)
    Signature Analysis V
    Targeting V
    Energy Grid Upgrades V
    Energy Systems Operation V
    Engineering V
    Shield Operation V
    (Shield Management just needs a couple more days to be V)
    Mechanics V
    Missile Launcher Operation V
    Navigation V
    Cybernetics V
    A fantastic starter if you're looking to go for the Drake/Tengu lifestyle.
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Thread Status:
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