WTS: 5x 220 - Soldier / Keeper / Agent / Shade - Retarded Uber

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    Ok, so heres my disclaimer. Accounts like this do not come often, they dont come perfected to a fault, or cost as much as I probably want for this account. I'm also in no rush to sale, but would just like to see if I can get enough to get me away from AO. If not, then I'll continue being an avid addict All Characters are Omni. All characters are FULLY geared and have ALL Nanos. 220/30/70 Soldier - Solitus All Weapons available in game. Xans included. SMG or AR Setups 700k+ VP Perfected Dustbrigade Bracer Masterpiece Alb Bracer A Full set of 300 CSS. A Full set of 300 CC. A Full set of Penultimate Ofab. A Full set of Beast Armor. A Full set of Alpha Symbs - Equiped or Bagged* Using Syndicate Brain Using ql300 HD Leg Using ql300 HD Foot ALL Alb Utils, Huds, and various damage generation devices. Stellar Soldier Nanodeck - of course. 2x Superior Icy Pads - Explosive and Nano 2x 300 Phulaks All 3 TNH Belts Upgraded. APF Belt Upgraded 2500 Xan Defense Board 2500 Xan Offense Board Upgraded Profession [email protected] Ofab Ring 200 Ring of Offense (+28) Ring of Summoned Terror - Tanking/Defense Setup Burden of Competence / Beast Pads / Beast Helm Gets up to 3.8k AR self - If a soldier needs it, he has it. 220/29/70 Keeper - Trox Alien Combat Directive Controller - ACDC Burden of Competence / Beast Pads / Beast Helm Fly Catcher Specs CC Gloves / L / Boots CM Gloves / L / Boots Full Penultimate Set - Wearing Sleeves / Chest SE Helm 2x Ofab Shoulderpads 3x Superior Icy Shoulderpads - Brawn / Combat / Nano Notucomm 2500 Defense Board Perfected Dustbrigade Bracer Masterpiece Alb Bracer Xan 2he Xan Lightsaber ME weps (for possible upcoming patchs) FULL Alphas - except for Intel ear (decided not to upgrade to alpha) Wearing Syndicate Brain for AR/Hp Stellar Keeper Nanodeck Phulaks ALL Alb Utils APF / TNH Belts Upgraded Ofab Ring Upgraded Profession [email protected] Ring of Summoned Terror - Tanking/Defense Setup N'tons more, of course. Note: Character does NOT need CoNC trained to cast top nanos - dont listen to the whiney bitchs on AO Forums about how hard it is to cast Keeper Nanos, they are just pathetic noobs who do not want to put in the time to self them. Yes, casting the top nanos requires 10 item swaps - but I've got it setup to do so without taking off any AI armor. Defense or Offense Setups - this char has it. 220/23/70 Shade - Opisex In keeping with the theme of my account. Which if you havent caught on, I'm anal about perfection. Burden of Competence / Beast Pads / Beast Helm Full CM set All Useful piece of Penultimate Ofab SE Helm Fly Catcher Specs Ofab Pads x2 Ofab Backpiece for Offense Setup Full Alpha Spirits - ALL - Defense & Offense 2x Xan Piercers Improved Hacked Medi Blade ql300 Spear of Forgotten Ceremonies Full Alb Utils Perfected Dustbrigade Bracer Masterpiece Alb Bracer Slippers of Screaming Blood Soaked Cloak of Dishonor 2x 285+ Buffing Piercers for +sense / agi in bag Absorb Tatoo - ofc Ofab Ring Upgraded Profession [email protected] Ring of Summoned Terror - Tanking/Defense Setup hmmm... again, if a shade needs it he has it. 220/19/65+ Atrox Agent - MONGO RAGE!!! Ok, because we all know agents have at least 3 different setups they can use, I'll not go through the pain of listing everything, but I assure you if you want it, he has it. 300 Phulaks Full Alphas - not currently equiped - in perk reset. Full Penultimate Ofab Full DB Armor Set Biodome Chest / L Leo Boots - all characters have these, just listing cause its apart of agents hp setup. Globe of Sufference - Hp setup item ofc Improved Gaily Painted Hood - is going to become a must have after balance happens. SE Helm Burden of Competence Fly Catcher Specs Can utilize the 300 CSS on soldier if you want to do an evade setup. Upgraded Profession [email protected] Second Account - Doctor & Alts. 220/24/69 Doctor - Solitus Full Alpha Symbs Syndicate Doc Brain - for +heal % setups Burden of Competence & Pads Perfected Dust Brigade Bracer Masterpiece Alb Bracer Xan [email protected] Xan PVP Pistols Doc Right & Left Hand 225 MK6 Tiger for Poison Damage Coon Bursting Cloak of the Reanimated Healer 5/5 2500 Xan Defense Board 2500 Xan Combat Board All Alb Utils ALL Nanos and everything else needed for doc pvm or pvp. tl5 Fix alt - Solitus AI 17 225 CSS set 2x IGoC 1k Board Arul Bracers - 2 sets (energy & Projectile) Reflect Bracers for most damage types. Sandy Piece of Goo x2 All Max level symbs 250 Defense Implants. Max ql possible Comm Relay & Dodge Rng Util S10 Defense Device S10 Evades Device 275 Vision Enhancer (AS scope) 5x 202 Yuttos NF Range Increaser 300 Viral Compiler (every char has one, but whatever ) Waterfall Craphander 225 Mk6 Smg and has beast pads and nearly full set of beast armor for Social ! 60/6/xx Trader - Atrox 2B in Items alone on this character. Rediculously fun, and outstanding PVP character with 600 NCU! Full set of 75 CS Can SELF Advanced Drains With Mochys can cast Nanite Drains =) Has ALL RK Nanos - Ladder all the drains you want! All VP Nanos bought. Lesser -aao / -aad nanos castable with ease. Auno.org - Equipment Configurator Theres a few items on a mule that need to be noted; 2x IGoC 225 CSS Set - Currently on Fixer Alt 2x300 Ring of Divine Tear Drops Full set of Bellium Beladonis including pads A few bags of ql300 Implants Multiple Intel Symbs that Ive farmed, sitting in bank / shop. 6x Bags of DCDGs(or whatever their called) for turning in 2.3k Tokens for tl7 toon (acquired for shade for when they change the tag on 2500 boards!) Near to full set of ql300 Buffing implants for doing alphas. 5 Bags of Buffing guns / weapons - every buffing weapon ingame I think. 2x Explosif Pillows ofc Full set of Dragon Armor (except for chest, i know i know ) for social. 500m in extra credits. All I can conjure up to put on this thread for now. If you want to know more about a specific character please feel free to PM me. Chars will NOT be shown ingame, I've been a trader here long enough for people to believe what I say I have, at least thats how I feel. I will NOT take payment via paypal, unless your a VERY ****ing trusted member. Ok, so price.... The Gear / Sellables alone total around 17-19b if I was to lowball every trader on GMS currently. So you can total that up based on what the cred sellers are pricing 1b at. I'd like to NOT strip or separate the accounts. With that all in mind, Id like to start offers at no lower then $1050.00 usd Also, please go **** yourself if you read my thread, account discription, and post your opinion that is NOT asked for about how this is expensive for AO toons, cause I'm going to immediately turn around and destroy you verbally for how stupid and unaware you are, and honestly I love alot of you guys on this forum and I dont suspect that to happen, but for any kids that havent an iota connective tissue remaining in their cranium, this is your warning.
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