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    WTS: 5K RP, 120+ skins [8 Legendaries], All champions Account has many legendary skins, including Pulsefire Ezreal. As well as full runes. [Only 3 pages though] 5K RP is left over on the account. For sale cheaply due to family problems! This is your chance. Any questions? Add Anorien2009 on or PM me. Account is on EUW, however you can easily change your region for 2.6k RP Diamond NEU 85~ champs I have account for sale with Diamond badge for S2 it has. 2k+ elo Diamond badge for previous season Many skins 85~ Champs 7 Pages of runes For additional info add Anorien2009 [UK] on . Im waiting for offers. WTS: [H]LoL Account 60 Skins!/ 2k+ RP! [W] PayPal $ Hello i have LoL account to sell i don't have time for this game anymore so i want to sell it Here are screenshots that will show all about the account, if any one is Interested PM me or something RP= 2,7k+ IP= 1k+ Account is on EU Nordic & East Champions 1: Champions 2: Skins: (60 skins ) Runes (4 Pages ): Normal Wins: 750. Ranked: New Summoner Icons: If you are interested pm me, Im Looking for 130$!( I have spent over 600$ on RP ) Pm me ur Name! Also Only PAYPAL and you go first, you don't want to go first = ur a scammer and i won't get scammed again so i will NOT give you ANY info before seeing money on my paypal. I can only you and show you that i DO have the account or make as many screenshots as u want but that's all NO INFO BEFORE MONEY Thank u. LvL 30 NA account with 107 champions and 65 skins 5 legendaries! 11 rune pages Gold S1 Silver S2 and is currenently 1500 elo exact with 1694 highest this season. 107 champions missing only: Sejuani and Volibear Skins included in champion order are: Nurse Akali Goden...
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