Wts 55lvl cleric & sorceror Top Elyos perento

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    Cleric has: 55lvl primus pilus set +12 - +13 with eternal cloth gloves +10 full magic resist 50lvl elite guardian tribunus set +10 full magic boost / magic accuracy Miragent set + miragent warhammer +10 with general GS 3760 Full eternal 55lvl ap jewels + belt + noble elegant corundum glasses. Pacification staff +15 combined with Ap staff with silence GS Eternal noble crucible warhammer with 8% cst spd. Eternal lvl55 guardian brigade general shield +10 Both stigma trees. Professions: master alchemy 505 with all recipes Artisan cooking 499, essencetaping 475, aethertaping 460. 70k crucible insignias, 1000 ap potion mana/life 1m Abyss points, lots of materials + gold GS 376dmg 10% on warehouse. Sorceror has: 55lvl primus pilus set +10 various manastones. 55lvl eternal guardian brigade general jewel +10 combined with eternal noble crucible jewel (13% pvp att) with silence GS Miragent tome +15 combined with 50lvl AP tome with general GS 3760 Full eternal 55lvl pvp accessories + 55lvl eternal pvp bandana. BT gold set full magic boost. Both stigma trees, 100k crucible insignias. Lots of abyss potions Professions: Master cooking with 5 gold recipes Expert tailoring 449 Alchemy 399, aethertaping-essencetaping 499. Lots of materials + kinah. Cleric has 23 months subscription Sorceror has 24 months subscription SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY PLZ I DONT ACCEPT TRADES.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.