WTS 55 Templar ASMO and many imba twinks (EU)

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    Im selling an account with a 55 main templar in Perento EU Asmodian side + a imba twink 42 glad/40 sorc and 40 ely glad twink with full AP gears. 55 Templar EU Perento ---------------------- Weapon: +1 Tac Officer's Claymore greatsword merged with Elite Archon Centurion's Greatsword + Silence Godstone. Armors: +12 Elite Archon centurions FULL Set (socketed with crit 15 and accuracy stones) Accessories: Archon squad leader Set (lvl 30 jewels) Has around 200k AP in items and points. 42 Glad twink in Eu perento. ---------------------------- Was the best twink in the server at one point. Weapons: +15 Elite Archon Centurions Spear merged with Reaper spear! + Silence Godstone!! +13 Heaven-shattering Blade merged with Elite 30 Ap greatsword! + Paralyze Godstone! +12 Kromede's Longbow + E30 Abyss Bow!+ Slowing Godstone! Armors: +13 Elite Archon Squad Leaders FULL set. fully socketed with +13 crit/75 Hp/23 accuracy stones for maximum effectiveness in PvP. Also socketed with Silence Godstone! Accesories: Archon Squad Leaders Full set jewels! He also has around 30 millions kinah and 600k AP in items saved in warehouse!! 40 Gladiator twink in Telemachus -------------------------------- One of the best geared twink in telemachus right now. Weapons: +15 Kromedes Spear merged with Expert adamantium Polearm for 16% speed and extend. Awesme for PvP. Socketed with Silence Godstone. +12 Expert Noble Durable Ulmus Bow merged with E30 AP bow. Slowing Godstone socketed. Armors: +12 Elite Guardian Centurion€™s Plate Greaves FULL set! fully socketed with best stones. Accs: Full set of abyss level 40 accessories!! This is a really nice twink char and have had lots of fun with him. The account is clean and im simply selling due to time constraints and kinda bored of the game now If u are interested PM me and leave ur and il add u so we can talk about price and answer any questions u may have. PM me ur PRICE offer in £ pounds. Highest bidder wins. bump
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.