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    Hello im selling my lvl 55 cleric full pvp geared with both stigma trees, alot of food/scrolls/pots just ready to play My cleric has 200 kk kinah!! You can also find 53 lvl ranger with 3 parts of 40 elite abyss set +10 and +10 bow with atk speed. VETERAN ACCOUNT Sets 55 Eternal Archon Bridge General's Tunic (55lvl eternal abyss) +10 socketed with MR+14 55 Eternal Archon Bridge General's Pauldrons (55lvl eternal abyss) +5 socketed with MR +14 Eternal Archon Bridge General's Gloves (55lvl eternal abyss) +7 socketed with MR +14 Eternal Archon Bridge General's Shoes (55lvl eternal abyss) +8 socketed with MR +14 Noble Coliseum Champion's Leggins (55lvl eternal abyss) socketed with MR +14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Elite Archon Tribunus's Chain Set (50lvl gold abyss) +10 still socketed with MR +14 but you can easily resocket it to block or hp as u wish ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Divine Coliseum Champion's Cloth Set (55lvl eternal arena socketed with MB +27 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Elite Archon Squad Leader's Cloth Set (50lvl gold abyss) +10 socketed with mb/hp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pve Stormig's/Beshmundir Set socketed with HP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fenris Set Weapons Stormwing's warhammer socketed with mr +14 (55lvl eternal) + blind godstone Fenris Warhammer socketed with HP Pacification Staff +10 combined with e40 (55lvl gold) + 3k dmg godstone Coliseum Champion's cudgel CASTING SPEED MACE ! socketed with mr +14 (55lvl eternal arena) Vorpal Mace with 6 sockets ! (55lvl gold) Noble Coliseum Champion's Shield (55lvl eternal arena) socketed with mr+14 Elite Archon Tribunus's Shield (50lvl gold abyss) Jewelry Archon Bridge General's Turquoise Necklace (55lvl eternal abyss) 2x Archon Bridge General's Turquoise Ring (55lvl eternal abyss) Archon Bridge General's Turquoise Belt (55lvl eternal abyss) Unique and great for cleric Ragnarok's Belt (55lvl gold ) Debilkarim Turquoise Earrings(55lvl eternal) Vorpal Turquoise Earrings (55lvl gold ) Debilkarim Turquoise Necklace (55lvl gold ) 2x Elder Tear's rings (50lvl gold ) Ap/Medals/Insignias 435 901 AP + 103200 In items 31 Platinium Medals 41 Gold Medals Courage Insignia 818 Crucible Insignia 5579 Manastones/Enchantstones/Crafting Mats 84x MR+14 17x M.ACC +14 124x MB +27 86x Crit +17 2x L81 1x L89 1x L90 3x L80 2x L79 158 x Firm Balaur Horn 59x Firm Balaur Scale Mastarius Favor Skins/Pets/Dyes Ncstore skins: Beatific Crown, Beatific Halo, Beatific Outfit, Lolipop Mace skin. Ncstore pets: Gold Nyanco Other skins :Anuhart Chain set, Event Silver daru set, Event Pumpkin Head, Event Crab Tunic, Event Enchanting Sorcerer's Hat, Plate Arena Helmet, Jotun hat, Unique Rabbit ears, Unique crown skin, Arena cloth hat, Beshmundir SM hat, Princess Dress, Windspirit hat, Waterspirit Hat, Firehead, Truelove headger, Andu Party Dress (Elyos 17kk skin! ) and alot more skins used on my sets Dyes : 7x Green Tea, 7x Deep Blue, 5x Rich Purple, 8x Hot orange, 5x Hot Pink, 5x Romantic Purple Pets : 9 Diffrent pets alot of event ones so you cant buy them anymore Craft Armorsmithing 449 Cooking 250 Essencetapping 223 PM me with your offer, i can send screenshots also in case you are interested, as i said its WTS only im not interested in any kind of trade. I am a trusted person as you can see i already sold some of my game accounts and only positive comments !!
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