WTS 55 Level Awesome Gear Asmodian Chanter At Perento ( 1 2)Middleman Seller Guide

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    There are 8 Characters In Account!!! 25th month account-Its gonna be Veteran Account at F2p. 55 Level Chanter 6k Greater AP Life Serum-2.5k Greater AP Mana Serum-1.5k AP wind Serum Handicrafting Master 504 Have Almost All Usefull Designs-Aethertapping 499-Essencetapping 499 Fenris Chain Set--- Full +15 Elite Archon Centurion's Set (HP-Parry)---4 Pieces Anuhart Chanter Set only Hauberk Missing Stomwing Full Chain Set(Thinking Healing Boost+MP for Pve Heals)---Collesium Con 2 Set With Attack Manastones(4 pieces silence resist Glove is Paralyze Resist) Have Collesium Con 2 Glove with cast Speed MR Stones-Collesium Con 2 Shield with MR Stones-Collesium Con 1 Mace for heal with Cast Speed With MR Stones Tac Officer's Con 1 Shield With BLock Stones(These Collesium set and stormwing Set +2-3) 55 Archon Brigade General Set With MR Stones.(ALL +10 Shoulder +12) Has Carved Corundum Glasses (The best MR helm ingame)Full ABG eternal Jewels +10 Master Carved Korie Staff merged 50 non-elite Abyss staff and with 3760 fire damage gs +10 Lannok Staff(extendable) merged 50 non-elite Abyss staff with Silence gs You Dont need anything till 3.0-Just enchant collesium set or pvp all time^^I'm 1 of the best chanter with MR in server.(2316 with atk speed gloves-2302 With Cast Speed Gloves + best MR food) I have Lost of Manastones Don't Need to write here.All stigmas Have (Support + Attack)These Armors Has Nice Rare Skins) All monthly Gifts Taken.Have Tokens Etc. in Warehouse also. AND 500m KINAH 55 Level Gladiator 50 Elite Abyss Set With Crit and Accuarcy manastones.(+2-3)--- +11 Lannok Spear merged 30 non-elite Abyss spear with Attack Speed decrease gs Has Collesium Con 1 Chain set with MR stones-30 level ABG jewels going for eternals now. 2 pieces Stormwing set.Flarestorm Dagger For Dual and Siel Sword Both with %20 wind damage gs Trying to level cooking.has insignias etc.collesium Con 1 Bow merged with Commander Bakarma bow with crit Manastones. Has Stigmas only Gladiators using general. 43 Level Ranger Has 3 pieces 30 Elite Abyss gear( Boot-Gloves-Shoulders) and Expert Durable Salix Bow Just fun char sometimes for lowbie things.All monthly gifts taken.(Plats-wings-Ap mats) 28 Level Templar There are 250k around ap items from mothly gifts. All monthly gifts taken. 34 Level Assassin All monthly gifts taken. Has Full 30 Deavanion Leather set and sword.Has 30 Elite Abyss Sword. 34 Level Cleric Has 2 pieces non-elite abyss set(Top-Boot)(gonna be 3 pieces at 22nd january) All monthly gifts taken. 34 Level Spiritmaster 2 Pieces 30 Elite Abyss set(Tunic-Shoes)(Gonna be 3 pieces at 22nd January) 10 Level Sorc Just made for Mentors.All monthly gifts taken. Pm Me All Offers!!!Negotiable I can do some discount!!!
Thread Status:
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