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    Hi, Want to sell my Gladiator 55 lvl on Perento. Perfect standing with 17 month Veteran reward (all playerup items and pets) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * +10 SW Greatsword combined with Elite Archon Centurion's Greatsword. Palaryze goodstone. * Second weapon: +1 Vorpal longbow combined with demolition * +2 SW Greaves. * +2 SW Shoulderplate * +2 Archon Primus Pillus Gantules * +1 Gelkmaros Breastplate * +2 SW Boots * Beshmundir Gladiator harpin (Head) * Jewellery: Full Archon Tribunus 50lvl * Storm Wings ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Asmodian 5 Star atm (rank 36) * 1,727,383 Abbys Points (still going up) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Transfer Free ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 61 platinum medals Enchant stones 6xL89, Manastones, Balaur mats. (175kk) 7x Craved red master fragment 7x craved blue master fragment All Best stigmas for Gladiator +some more extras ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very Good Gladiator for attractive price. Unfurtunatly I have to move and work, so there will be no time for playing. If You have any questions please PM me or write to *****************************************************. Pictures available via mail. /grettings
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.