WTS: 55 (Geared) Temp + 3 Twinks

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    Templar -55

    +10 Tac Officer Greatsword /w EC PVP Combine No godstone socketed yet
    +15 Pacification Greatsword /w 40 Non-E PvP Combine - Silence Godstone
    Surama Mace No Godstone
    +10 Noble Steel Coliseum Champion's Shield (70%) Dmg Reduction [Eternal EC] -Tier 2
    +10 50 E PvP Set, Except Shoulder plates which is +15
    Full PvP Eternal Accessories
    Master Cook - 513 (Perer, Innesi, Crestlich, & Feena Designs)
    Essencetapping - 433
    Aethertapping - 493

    Various Items:
    Tradeable Para Godstone
    Tradeable 1880 Godstone
    Various Dyes of each color
    Plenty of rare skins
    +60 mil
    Manastones: Tons of each in stock! Crit, MR, MB, Atk!
    400+AP pots
    Mana +Life Potions/Serums 400-1000
    Scrolls +1000

    Chanter - 55
    +11-12Gloves/Boots/Shoulders 40 E
    EC Cruc Pants
    Debilkarms Staff /w Debilkarms combine 1880 godstone socketed
    Mostly used for pve, Full PvE Stigs and most of the PvP Stig line

    Assassin Lv - 43
    Full +10 Flash Jerkin Gear
    PvP Lv 30 Earring x2 [gold]
    PvP Lv 30 Ring x1 [gold]
    PvP Lv 30 Ring x1 [blue]

    Noble Dragon Lord Blade

    Spiritmaster - Lv 41
    Nothing really special just 479 Weapinsmith with rare designs.

    Sorcerer - Lv 36
    +10 Celestial Jewel
    +11 Celestial Set
    +10 30 E PvP Tunic [MB]

    Cleric - Lv 35
    +15 Celestial Warhammer [MB]
    +15 Dauntless Shield [MB]
    +10 30E PvP Chain Boots/Shoulderplate Block Set [Sitting at 80k worth of Abyss Relics]
    +11 Dauntless Set [MB]

    Store Body Skins Multiple versions
    Elder Staff twinked for 50

    Account has been active for 1 year 8 months closing in on 9. The account is paid til February. If you have any questions feel free to msg me. Please inbox offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.