WTS: 55 EU SM has 3/5 SW set

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion, 3/26/12.

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    Im selling my Spiritmaster account, lvl55 char Asmodian in EU server. + many alts.

    Telemachus server. (transfers are open!)

    Can provide game code, acc info, and ncsoft info.

    The Char has about 70Mil in kinah, about 60 gold medals, 449 expert tailor

    Last stigma slot open + gold stigma Infernal Blight I

    3 Parts of Eternal Stormwing armor :

    +1 Stormwing shoes
    +1 Stormwing Pauldorns
    Stormwing gloves
    +1 Master Hoca tunic
    BT Leggies (gold)

    All parts fulled sockted with MA/MB/HP yellow manastones.

    * Vorpal tome +10 , combined with Noble Saira book + Silence godstone and manastones.

    * also have full lvl 40 Abyss Armor set (tunic +10) all parts sockted with yellow manastones.

    6 pets : inculding the black cat companion pet, loot pet from EC, Vet reward pet, Monkey from ESO

    11k EC insignias + Vorpal essence and more

    Archon Brigade General's Sash lvl55 eternal
    The circle crystal ring , eternal
    Archon Tribinus gold ring lvl 50
    The circle crystal necklace, eternal
    Debilkarim's Turquoise Earring, eternal
    Archon Primus Pilus lvl55 earring, gold

    Master hoca bandana + Beshmundir Spiritmaster Hairpin

    Many pots and scrolls

    Also on the same account, i have this alts:

    lvl46 Ranger
    lvl43 Chanter
    lvl38 Assasin
    lvl33 Templar
    lvl32 Gladiator
    lvl30 Sorc

    (alts also has nice gold gear and deava set +10 all parts)

    Get a nice char to enjoy the upcoming 2.7 updates

    S/B: $100

    good day
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.