WTS: 55 Elyos Sin, Full Stormwing- Israphel Server

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion, 3/26/12.

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    I'm looking to sell my account which has:

    55 Assassin- Full eternal Stormwing armor and weapons all fully socketed with attack/crit
    Several 55/50 PVP accessories
    449 Cooking

    My assassin is currently a 3 star-officer with another 100k+ in crowns/AP items.
    Flarestorm Sword is +3 with a silence godstone equipped.
    Have a slow godstone on both my Stormwing sword and Vorpal Bow.

    here's a screenshot:

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    Have the full leather miragents set in the bank.
    Can't remember how much money I have in the bank , I believe its about 15 mil (also have tons of consumables on my char, at least 15 mil worht) , I will resub if I can get any serious offers.

    Also have the loot pet and buff pet from Emp Crucible.

    Alts include

    35 Temp
    31 Glad

    and some lowbies (15-25 range)

    Looking for a starting bid of about 300. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll be happy to oblige.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.