WTS: [55 Chanter] - Nexus Elyos [50 elite + Extendable + 2 Condition] [Europe]

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    Hello fellow gamers! :mofo: In this thread I will give you as much information as possible to show you my account and let you think about the account in the best way. I will be posting pictures about every single item on the character and list some general information. The account is a new account [Not Veteran] and started by me when F2P came live to the EU servers. It was leveled legit to 55, and by no chance with any hack. All the gear was gained through 100% PvE as I have had basicly no time to do anything else then Esoterrace, and Upper Abyss Forts. I didn't even get to try it in PvP; barely. Miscs on the account: Platinum Medals: 45 Abyss Points: 260k. (Half support spec also) Armor? Armor: Noble Coliseum Champion's Helmet (Condition 2 Chain Helm) Noble Coliseum Champion's Hauberk +1 (Condition 2 Chain Chest) Elite Guardian Tribunus Greaves +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus Pauldrons +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus Gloves +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus Boots +10 Accessories: Jotun Worthy Hat Debilkarim's Corundum Necklace Krotan Corundum Earring Krotan Corundum Earring Kingspin's Corundum Ring Vallakhan's Ring Expert Tough Leather Belt Weapon: Triroan's Staff +10, with 50 Elite Guardian Tribunus Staff combined! Staff: Chest: Pants: Boots: Pauldrons: Gloves: Hat: Necklace: Earring 1: Earring 2: Ring 1: Ring 2: Belt: The accessories is nothing to be bragging about, but full GBG accessories takes you 3 weeks with 80-120k AP per day. So no problem for that. Account also has 2 condition helmet with 1k courage and 15k crucible left over! I'm looking for serious offers, and serious only. Payment? will be made with either PayPal (scary because of scam) or Bank Transfer wich is a lot safer. And if someone out there think that I'm a scammer? Not much to say, but I would never spend an hour to make this thread to make some filthy euros. PM me with your offers and I will contact back as soon as possible, I'm online everyday after college. Thanks for reading my thread and I hope you liked it. :handsdown: :handsdown: :handsdown: :: MariusAasgaard (prefer this contact method) Buyout price: 150 Euro. - So long, my friends!
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