[WTS] 55 champ 30 LoL account

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    55 champions unlocked, I haven't played much in the last few months so the champions missing are: Swain Vladimir Nocturne Sona Renekton LeBlanc Malzahar Irelia Jarvan IV Karma Akali Cassiopeia Skins: I have a wide variety including a couple of legendary and rares, including most of last year's Olympics ones and Human Ryze, valued at $35.00 alone on playerup.com. Alistar-Golden Amumu-Vancouver,Pharaoh Anivia-Team Spirit Annie-Goth Ashe-Sherwood, Freljord Blitzcrank-Boom Boom Cho'Gath-Gentleman, Nightmare Corki-UFO, Red Baron Dr. Mundo-Mr Mundoverse, Toxic Garen-Sanguine Heimerdinger-Alien Invader Jax-Mighty Jax, Vandal Karthus-Phantom Katarina-Mercenary Malphite-Shamrock Mordekaiser-Infernal, Dragon Knight Nidalee-Leopard Pantheon-Myrmidon, Ruthless Rammus-Molten Ryze-Human Shen-Frozen, Yellow Jacket Sivir-Warrior Princess Taric-Armor of the Fifth Age Teemo-Astronaut, Badger Tristana-Riot Girl Tryndamere-Highland Twisted Fate-Jack of Hearts Twitch-Whistler Village Urgot-Butcher Veigar-Cing Warwick-Urf, Big Bad Warwick Runes: 3 pages of tier 3 runesets for tanking, AP, or AD carries. Lots to work with here. Solo queue rating is 1400 with 41-29 ratio, and 423 normal wins. Great account for sale here, many hours and hundreds of dollars worth of LoL account could be yours. Send me offers via AIM or PM on these boards. POST HERE FIRST POST HERE FIRST POST HERE FIRST
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.