WTS 55 Asmo cleric (EU) ( 1 2)

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    My char details: Archon Brigade General's Warhammer +6 + silence gs Archon Brigade General's Shield Full Archon Brigade General's cloth set - All parts are + 10 except for one. Archon Brigade General's Necklace + Belt.(almost maxed out amount of magic resist) 55 gold pvp jewels(all of them). Gold curundum glasses. 55 gold pvp cloth set - MA/MB set (3/2,enough MA and MB to kill a cleric with the same or higher gear with couple of shots) 40e+10 chain set - MB set (using the gloves and boots from the 55 gold pvp set so there are 2 spare 40e+10 gloves and boots filled with mres) Elder staffs combined +10 and 1% 1880 dmg gs (mb staff) Noble Horned Dragon Emperor's Staff+10,combined with 50 non-elite filled with MA stones + gs(1% 3,760 dmg) 3 parts of chain SW set filled with HP (boots,gloves and pants - good healing boost but no cast speed = PVE set) Both stigma trees. Crafting: Master in Cooking,Expert in Alchemy,Essence and Aethertapping,Weaponsmithing and Handicrafting are maxed out (practically cant go higher) The cleric doesnt need further equipment,it can be played freely without spending numerous hours in Aion. Prepayed time for 2 more months. The account contains several more alts that are good geared for their level. Payment way: PayPal PM offers but dont bother if you are going to offer less than 400 euros.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.