WTS 51 Sorc, Spartalos, Elyos

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    REALLY CHEAP! Hey im selling my 51 sorc on spartalos elyos EU MALE.... account has about 4kk on it and loads of other love you... Sorc gear is modded as abyss pvp gear.... ----------------------------------- HP5559 MP9102 Attack0 Critical27 Accuracy710 Magic Boost1794 Magic Resistance1338 Attack Speed2.2 Physical Defense528 Parry694 Magical Accuracy1310 Evasion1376Speed7.62 Shield Defense694 ------------------------- Ice Harpoon I(Stigma)Boon of Strength I(Stigma)Curse of Roots I(Stigma)Illusion I(Stigma)Curse of Weakness II(Stigma)Illusion Storm II(Stigma)Vaizel’s Wisdom I(Stigma)empty Abyss RankSoldier, Rank 7Abyss Points5570Top RankSoldier, Rank 4Total Kills980 ------------------------------------------ also has a lvl 30 Assassin on it, that has this gear Main Hand 30 Celestial Dagger Main Hand 1 Sonirim’s Bow Off Hand 30 Celestial Dagger Off Hand Jacket 25 Descendant’s Jerkin Pauldrons 30 Celestial Leather Pauldrons Gloves 30 Celestial Leather Gloves Pants 30 Celestial Leather Leggings Shoes 30 Celestial Leather Shoes Head 25 Pioneer’s Hat Necklace 30 Warrior’s Topaz Necklace Earring 1 Valerius’s Mithril Earrings Earring 25 Purgee’s Zircon Earrings Ring 25 Purgee’s Zircon Ring Ring 20 Spirited Topaz Ring Belt 1 Telemachus’s Leather Belt ------------------------------------------------------- REALLY CHEAP! Paypal Wester Union I accept Guildwars ectos aswell S/B 20 USD!!! or 1 stack of Guildwars Ecto B/O 30 USD!!! or 2 Stacks of Guildwars Ectos.... PM any offers! IF UR INTERESTED ADD : christopher.widdenhielm89
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