WTS 50 sorc elyos/marchutan 30mil kinah, 300$ be repped - SOLD

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    I am original owner here with all original info, this account is totally legit meaning no bots, no RMT, nothing shady whatsoever, both the toons, and the kinah are clean which means alot in the world of Aion and something you should think about as a buyer! All campaigns are COMPLETE except for final Theobomos campaign! Like I said this toon is legit and I have done all the small things that others will have missed, attunements for everything, campaigns, indratu waterfall shortcut quest etc! Character has ~30 million kinah, that's quite a decent amount! I have been saving. 60,000 AP and a pile of medals, already has 1 gold pvp gear (gloves), close to affording piece #2. TONNES of consumables on hand and in the bank. Hundreds, thousands of health pots, mana pots, life serums, flight speed scrolls, run speed scrolls, wind serums. And the alchemy skill to create these items in bulk at any time. +60 flight time wings (worth 12 million kinah and look really hot) 2/3 advanced stigma unlocked and equipped (illusion/illusion storm) Mostly blue equipment with a few golds. (You have plenty of kinah to upgrade) Sorc is OP as hell, have fun owning everyone at level cap! Also a 30 sin on acct, for what that's worth. talk to me for profile link, etc and finally, you must have significant rep, OR be willing to trade first, and wait a few days (no paypal scams). Dont waste my time otherwise - I am not in a rush and wont take a chance on a scam. AIM: pantsexplosion24 [​IMG]
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