WTS: 50 Republic Sage / 9 million credits / Valor Rank 63 / 68 datacrons - Port Nowhere

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    Need to sell my 50 Republic Sage on the Port Nowhere server; server is one of the most popular ones in the game, has THE best raiding guild as well. No chance of never having anyone to do stuff with. This is a great character. He can dominate anyone solo (many times two+ at a time) in pvp, and can heal/dps any hardmode with ease. As the title says, he's a 63 valor rank battlemaster, giving you access to the highest tier of PVP gear. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is quite a feat to grind to valor rank 60 and beyond. Also has tons of money to buy whatever you want. Info: 50 Republic Sage Level 19 (almost 20) Legacy level - HUGE benefits come March to have a legacy level this high! Also have 33 sentinel Rank 63 battlemaster, almost entire battlemaster gear set (including AWESOME weapon), as well as an additional two full sets of champion (for dps / heal) All 68 datacrons! (every datacron in game, including the +10 one) 1.5 million credit mount (amoung a few others) All bank slots All Cargo slots Dark Rank 5 over 9 Million remaining credits 400 Biochem -- Tons of epic implants -- including the popular ones that sell for 75-125k per on the auction 400 Diplomacy 400 Bioanlysis Tons and tons of crafting mats, ~ 5 million credits worth Misc Epics in inventory All epic gear - pvp set x 3 - pve set x1 (tier 1 and 2 combinations of pieces - Rakata / Columni) PVP Gear unbuffed - over 16.4k hps (over 17k hps with commando buff) and 11.5% expertise. Destroys people in pvp Few companions with very high affection (quicker crafting / missions) Main companion in full epic gear Collector's edition account (meaning items that you cannot purchase in game) VIP wristband Looks SWEET! I have rep, so serious people only please. Any questions, feel free to post here. Price - Best offer.
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