WTS: 50 Ranger <vaizel Asmo> $300

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    Great Account one of the top PVP classes in game, Highest burst damage of all classes. Has good legit name, no Roflwpzors or eadfsf. Never botted. good rep on server can get in pretty much any guild. didnt talk much on vent or anything so no one will know you. HP 5271 (+1614) MP 3753 (+141) Attack (M/O) 272 (+38) / 0 Critical (M/O) 426 (+373) / 0 Accuracy (M/O) 1670 (+352) / 0 Magic Boost 0 Resist Magic 980 (+64) Attack Speed 2.256 Physical Defense 974 (+251) Parry 852 (+124) Magical Accuracy 932 Evasion 1523 (+192) Movement Speed 7.2 (+1.2) Shield Defense 728 Has Gold bow Betoni's +1 enchanted Fenrirs 2/5 gloves and boots ( fenrirs is end game set probly best set of armor in game and is very time consuming) run speed boots gold belt and necklace Has 2 advanced stigma unlocked and 4 advanced stigma's ( all but the end ability) and enough Abyss points to buy the end stigma for either line you chose. lvl 50 wings almost every stigma in game for rangers some ranging from 6-20million kinah each! Tons of mats baluar mats, fluxes etc for crafting Fenrirs quests entering Dark poeta ( end game instence) etc. Handicrafting 399 cooking 210+ over 6 million kinah You are paying for Digital Down load of Game and my time invested you will not Recieve any physical items. all numbers are aprox. at time of listing and are subjuct to slight variotions upon sale. ( mostly to make the acount BETTER!) Information will NOT be sent untill paypal clears and will be emailed to confirmed email on Paypal only. I reserve the right to wait 48 hours to be sure paypal is clear. feel free to contact me with any questions [email protected] messanger - Shaun2382
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