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    Server: Ven Zallow Class: Bounty Hunter Merc Level 50 Valor 51 All armor is Rated 124 - 136 Centurian PvP gear: Relic - 220 Critical & Surge Rating for 20 seconds Relic - 355 Power for 20 Seconds Implant - Centurian Combat Medic Waist - Centurian Eliminators belt Champion PvP Gear: Champion Combat Medic Bracers Champion Combat Medic Guantlets Champion Eliminators Enhancer Additional Armor piece for gloves. (Bioware indicated they will make it where you can trade clone drops for any piece of gear) Epic gear: Prototype Master Striker Greaves (124) Overkill Nexus Boots (126) Supremacy Fusions X-Blaster (2 of them) (124) Supremacy Hyperaccelerated Rejuvination Relay (Ear Piece) Medic Soldiers Colinoid Helmet Mods upped to level 50's (124) RD-15A Raptor Chest Guard modded to level 50 (124) Battleship is in top end rare items awaiting space combat expansion. Biochem: 400 Bioanalysis: 400 Slicing: 400 Credits: About 500k (After items sell on AH... they always sell) Centurian Commendations: 20 Fleet Commendations: 235 Warzone Commendations: 346 Deluxe edition Account + Speeder Level 40 & 50 Speeders purchased. Reusable Med-pack (You get 3900 HP every 90 seconds... for EVER!) Please make Offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.