WTS: 50+m SP Minmatar PVP

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Eve Online, 3/28/12.

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    This will be for the whole account, not bothered about that... I'll generalise on what he can fly and where the skills are at.. PM me for a more thorough roll out. He will have a plex worth of ISK on the account and a fitted ship when you buy it

    Just under 5m in drones
    About 5-6m in Electronics and Engineering
    Over 15m in Gunnery
    Under 1m in Leadership
    About 3m in Mechanic
    Just under 8m in Missiles
    3m in Navigation
    About 13m in Space Command... flies: CS,AF,BC,Cov,Hic,Dic,Inty,Hac,Marauder,BS,T3,Recon
    Just under 3m in Science

    Not sure what the going rate is but it's for the whole account and not a transfer, offers maybe? Anyway, thanks for looking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.