WTS 50 Hunter, Loremaster, Guardian on Melendor

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    All toons are in great standing with turbine. The 50 hunter, 50 Loremaster, 25 Minstrel, 3 bank toons, rank 4 reaver, rank 4 warg, rank 4 blackarrow are all on same account, the 50 guardian is on seperate account with 1 bank toon. There is 20-30 gold spread out between the toons with houses and vaults full of sellable goodies. 50 Hunter is one of the best on servers in pvp and pve. Setup: Horses: has every horse in game other than the rank 9 from pvp. Helm: Rift helm, Aurochs helm, fine protectors helm Shoulders: Rift shoulders, Aurochs shoulders, FPP Chest: Aurochs chest, FP chestplate Pants: Aurochs l, Rift l, fine protectors l Boots: Rift boots, Aurochs boots, EP boots Gloves: Aurochs gloves, EP gloves, FP gloves Rings: Etched beryl x2, Candinglos Earrings: Etched beryl x2, BMMSE x2, Ferolloch, EOD, Karistona's Doom Bracelet: Etched Beryl x2, BMMSB x2 Necklace: Oghuck's, Silber-braid, Etched Beryl, Elrond's gift Pocket: Ancient arrowhead, Polished scale of vigor, Crystal shard, Elven Brooch, ancient iron token, and 5 others Backs: Elrond's Exquisite cloak, Angmarian stalker, Exquisite radiant cloak, Shadow-wrap, FRC Bows: Book 12 bow, Cudur (pvp bow), FBAB, BoF, Bow of the hunt Melee weapons: Mirrored daggers x2, Ornate black ash spear, Mirroed axe x2, Hausdrepa x2, and 6 others This toon has completed most quests/emotes in game and has almost every dungeon key there is and is a quarter of the way to rank 7, and is also a GM woodworker and forester with critted tools. 50 Loremaster: Helm: Beast Master Hat, Exquisite radiant hat Shoulders: Shoulders of Fem, Exquisite radiant Shoulders Chest: Feldskyn Guard, Ex radiant robe, robe of fem, Fine radiant robe, Nightingale shirt Pants: Standa, Superb radiant l Boots: Rendirthail, Emerthdail, Slippers of fem Gloves: Beast master gloves, gloves of fem Rings: Ring of Mystery, BMMSR x2 Earring: Etched beryl x2, GMMSE x2 Bracelet: GMMSB x2 Necklace: Ithilur, elronds gift, book 12 necklace Pocket: Tasgil's Gift of destiny, Phial of SW Back: Exquisite radiant cloak, Elronds cloak Staves: Forvengrath's Despair, Griever, Ornate Black ash Swords: Sword of Knowledge, Tur En-elbereth, Fastonn This toon is a GM Jeweller, prospector with critted Jeweller's tool. 50 Guardian (seperate account) Helm: High Protectors, Mirrored Shoulders: High Protectors, Mirrored Chest: High Protectors, Burnished, Mirrored Pants: High Protectors, Mirrored Boots: High Protectors, Mirrored Gloves: High Protectors, Mirrored Rings: Etched beryl x2 Earrings: Etched beryl x2, BMMSE x2 Bracelet: Etched Beryl x2, BMMSB x2 Necklace: Etched Beryl, Elronds Gift Pocket: Pouch of seeds, Lucky worm tooth, ToF, Phial of SW Back: Defenders cloak, Cloak of the ancient ruins, Fine radiant cloak, Elrond's cloak Weapons: Anthiel, Hausdrepa, Rochbenaith, Ornate spear, Heavy hammer of battle and others Shields: Threkrand, Hardend heavy shield This toon is well equipped and has other HP gear for long battles in rift and what not. He is a GM prospector, forester, tailor with critted tools and explorer's backpack. There are a ton of other items to list in inventories and houses but dont wanna go that in depth unless you are interested. email me at [email protected] if you are interested in the account, give me a offer and if you have any questions feel free to ask. I am going to look at offers till about march 15 then sell so let the battle begin.
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