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    Stats (unbuffed) 3516 total morale 1525 power 7.2% melee crit 5.2% ranged crit 8.5% Tactical Crit 18.9% to block 4.9% to evade 11.9% to parry 23.3% Shadow Mitigation 21.3% Fire Mitigation 47.2% Common damage mitigation 10.5% fear resist 9.6% wound resist 7.7 Disease resist 11.7 posion resist 211 melee effectivness 207 ranged effectiveness Gearwsie he has one teal, the rest are purples He has one legendary trait and half the pages for another. He has all his race/class traits. He has a couple traits that need some work to upgrade though. He's pretty poor, but is he halfway to becoming a gm metalsmith which should make a good amount of money. Plus he has a lot of great 1-shot recipes The account is paid up until October 13th 2007 with prepaid time Last but not least, he has a pretty good 2h hammer for soloing/grinding I am not looking for trades of any sort, only to sell. Seeing as the game is relatively new, and not many people are selling yet, I have no idea what to expect for the account. Please send offers to: [email protected] business4rob - AIM Or post here. Aim preferable. Thanks =D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.