WTS: 50 Gladiator with tons of stuff and alts!!!!! *Repped/TWV/* LooOooOoK!

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    Included in this is the LVL 50 Gladiator (female) along side many LVL 30 Spirit Masters. There are enough alternate characters that are used to help sell items through broker. (helps if you want to sell things in bulk) I currently have a few things in shop that have hopefully sold. (if not, it is in the mail of each alt. do check them) In a guild that currently partakes in all daily boss spawns (we have timers and people who camp them 24/7) and distributes them fairly among members (how I got excellent gear). Currently have 8 months Veteran Rewards. This will help you in case you wanted to start from scratch. You basically get a handful of essential items that will speed you through the levels. ($128 value [8 months paid for]) I have full set of lvl 30 Daevonian armor due to my multiple alternate characters that will give any your lvl 30 characters you make or use an edge over any of your peers. (Took a month to acquire) Plenty of dyes (black dye and green) to use to customize your armor. (dyes received from multiple events and subscriptions = valued highly ingame) Holder of various rare wings for the endgame characters to show off such as the wings received from the magazine subscription. (looks absolutely amazing) Here are a few notable thing you may want to consider for the price: x 1 18.6mil Kinah (despite what the screenshot shows) Various Event Hats x 7 Gladiator carries both stigmas for dual wield build and 2h build Dragon Flame boots, gauntlets, pauldrons, and helm. (not the complete set but close enough and should be ready to take on Dark Poeta S rank boss :P) Currently Rank 3 in the Abyss 12 Lodas Amulets (exp boost charms - will help in the next expansion pack when the lvl cap is raised to 55) All weapons and gear are socketed with appropriate manastones that serve the gladiator well. Weapons: 2h sword slow atk 5% chance. Dual Wield: both 1% chance high element damage stones. POST BEFORE CONTACTING!!!!!> Aim- llDeatheaterll Price- 300 obo
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