WTS 50 Elyos Chanter - EU Server - Full Miragent (incl. Weapon) - Cheap!

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    Hello there, I want to get rid of my Aion account due to college activites and other recreation that I rather do than Aion. The sale includes the following: __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________ MANY SCREENSHOTS ARE INCLUDED, CLICK ON THE UNDERLINED LINES TO VIEW THEM! Lvl 50 Chanter Elyos Female, currently the best geared Chanter on the server. A Chanter's a great class to play, can be very strong in Solo play but is most beneficial in group play. A very underestimated class by the Western Communities, where as Koreans found out about it's true strength. It does take practice to master it though, but that's part of the fun experience. - 5/5 Miragent full armor. - Includes the Miragent Staff as Weapon Reward, socketed/stoned for PvP purposes. - Includes a 2nd staff, Menotios's Staff, socketed and godstoned for PvE purposes. - FULL Endgame gear from bosses, complete gold set apart from 1 ring and the head which are blues that are just as good as gold items. - Gear is socketed/gemmed with Magic Resist/Attack/Crit, hybrid gemmed. This will give you the best PvP experience because of game mechanics favouring such a hybrid build rather than a full defense/offense build. - ALL useful Stigma's, Invincibility Mantra and Mountain Crash Advanced Stigma Lines/Builds included! - Crafting Professions: Cooking @ 449 (CAPPED!) Extract Vitality (CAPPED!) Alchemy at 399 (Haven't done Expert quest, that's why it's not completely capped (449)) Extract Aether (350, not capped but you can gather any aether at this level anyway, so it doesn't prevent you from doing anything with it) Handicrafting at 330 - Currently a rank 6 Soldier with 22.000 Abyss Points. The character has enough materials on the warehouse to provide for another 30.000 Abyss Points (icons/seals/etc) (click to see!!!). Spend a lot of AP on items and consumables (has 150+ Greater Divine Life Serums, best pots for PvP combat). __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________ Includes as an extra: Lvl 31 Spirit Master Elyos Female, just an alt I started to lvl up but due to obligations I didn't have much time to put into the char. The Spirit Master is a very fun class to play, if anyone has played World of Warcraft -> it does resemble the Warlock class alot (an affli/demo specced one to be precise). Age of Conan players might find it to be a lot like the Necromancer class. Is the only class that has two fearing spells making it a tough Class to beat in PvP. - Has great gear for it's lvl (high-end green/blue/gold armor, +10 weapon, full Magic Boost) to ensure a a fast and pleasant leveling time. On the 26th of January the account is going to recieve it's 4th month Veteran Reward, providing you with items to distribute among the chars available. Paid time expires January the 26th. Bidding starts at: 200,- Euros. BO set at: 350,- Euros. Direct bank payment/Western Union only. I am willing to use PayPal if the buyer has good rep on this website. You can contact me through PMing me here and simply posting in this thread. Would you wish for an alternative way of contacting me, please don't hesitate to ask. Exams this week, so please forgive me if I reply slow/late, thank you. NO TRADING! I don't care what kind of account you have to offer. Important Notice; Unfortunately the account does not have much mats and Kinah to show for it. When I quit the game I decided to give most of my valuable stuff to a friend of mine that decided to continue play the game, this is why the account has a much lower selling price than it could have had, it's only fair to the buyer. Don't be scared off though because obtaining in game currency (Kinah) is quite easy. I will also tell the buyer how I made my Kinah, making atleast 3 million Kinah per hour in a very easy and non-confronting way.
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