WTS 50 [E] Templar - US Azphel - 16+M Kinah- Cheapest 50 Temp! Best Server!Middleman Seller Guide

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    POST IN THREAD FIRST PLEASE!!!! I don't require you to have tons of Rep or be TWV (it is a plus and might sell cheaper to you) BUT I do require you to POST IN THIS THREAD!!! POST POST POST POST HERE BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME!!! K Thanks!! I am selling my level 50 Male Elyos Templar, located on Azphel. Azphel is the best server for both PVP AND PVE!! Highly Competetive!!! Never a Dull moment and there are ALWAYS groups running, no matter what timezone you live in or what you like to do: This Templar has a great Reputation, was NEVER botted, not one black mark on the account Nor has it ever been questioned by a player in game. He is built like a beast too, not some whippy dumb looking toon and he is ALWAYS sought after for groups: End game PVE Instances, Abyss raids, Abyss PVP, Rifting.... Whatever you like, you will get a group for it FAST!!! No downtime trying to find a group! Details: -18K Abyss Points - New Stigmas in Bank, Expanded Bags, LOTS of mats to sell OR use to Easily level any Crafting Skill. 230 Alchemy already!! Lots of POTS, health, MAna, Flight, Cure.... All set to go rip face. - Fable Weapon!!,+10 Enchanted Shield (tough to do), Great Sword (if your into weapon swapping) -Already has 35 Blue Balaur Scales banked!!! You need these Scales to run the Top Endgame PVE Instance!! Dark Poeta!!! This Templar is a Tanking Beast, has no problem holding aggro on atleast 3 Mobs while in group. High Survivability while in the Abyss. Templar is the most Sought after class to be played atm, it is VERY hard to level to 50! I just don't have the time that I need to dedicate to this character. :-( My loss is your gain though! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I am at work atm and trolling forums/watching this site. Quick Response time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.