[WTS] 50 Bounty Hunter Merc Healer, Belgoths Beacon

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    Level 50 Male Rattataki Bounty hunter merc healer: Gear: Rakata combat medic helmet Rakata combat medic chest Rakata combat medic gloves Rakata combat medic belt Rakata combat medic boots Rakata combat medic relay Rakata combat medic system Rakata combat medic system Precision Strike (Rakata) Overkill (Rakata) Columi combat medic bracers Columi combat medic l Columi relic of fatesealer Matrix shard Dessler Avenger Tirsa Elite 400 Bioanalysis, Diplomacy, Biochem x10 Alien datacubes x5 Biometric crystal alloy x1 Rakata efficacy adrenal x1 Rakata reflex stim x1 Rakata attack adrenal x1 Rakata medpac x20 Prototype medpacs x591 Smart cells x81 Iridescent goo x18 Radioactive paste LOTS of misc bio mats Rare unyielding and infernal title Blizz geared out companion Level 50 Male Sith Marauder: Rakata weaponmasters device Rakata weaponmasters package Rakata weaponmasters package Rakata weaponmasters bracers Rakata weaponmasters belt (crit augment) The oath of ragnos (rakata) Columi weaponmasters chest Columi weaponmasters boots Columi relic of boundless ages tionese etc 400 Synthweaving, archaeology, underworld trading TOTAL CREDITS: 2.5 million Asking Price: $400.00 Paypal
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.