WTS: 50 Battlemaster (VR 64) Powertech || 12 MIL CREDITS || CE+ MORE (( $ 200 ))

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    lvl 50 Battlemaster Male Chiss powertech. Digital Collectors edition Body Type= large muscular Valor rank = 64 half way to 65 Credits = just under 12 mil in pocket, and another 5-10 mil worth in mats/sellable gear Gear = 10 Pieces of battlemaster gear including weapon !!! 10 Pieces of Rakata including weapon+ off hand !!!! 5 Pieces of Columi many Tionese and Exotech PVE tanking set. 2 Different PVP DPS sets (Eliminator and tech) Also has epic relic that has chance to absorb damage Mounts = Speeder 110%, 1.5 mil Digital Collectors edition speeder car, Dark side mount, Rank 50 pvp mount, etc Proff = Max Biochem, Diplomacy, Bioanalysis. Tons of Rakata re-usables, and biometric crystal alloys left over!!! 66/67 Datacrons completed!!! Maxtrix cube assembled !!! This guy has 30+% chance to crit and 76% critical damage with over 710 bonus tech damage. Rail shot crits for 4-5k, and Thermal Detonator crits for 3-4k, and Flame Burst crits for 2-3k. ============================================ Uploaded with ImageShack.us Second set of pvp gear shown, as well as Rakata and Columi. You can also see the credits and that I have Biometric Crystal Alloys, Alient data cubes, and Self perpetuating power cells. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Here you will see extra gear, Which you can sell if you want. Mostly Tionese and Extotech Uploaded with ImageShack.us Here you will see my unbuffed stats with primary PVP set on which also includes a lot of Battlemaster pieces including weapn, and my mounts ================WICKED CHEAP======================== $200 AIM: SBane12
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