WTS 50 Asmo Temp. (zikel) East. ( 1 2)Middleman Seller Guide

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    Hello Peeps I'm selling my Templar, I'm unable to play anymore. Here is the Gear +7 Anuhart Elite’s Scale Sword Destructive Greatsword Expert Noble Orichalcum Shield Expert Noble Durable Orichalcum Breastplate Expert shining Durable Orichalcum Plate Pauldrons Expert Durable Orichalcum Plate Greaves +1 Fenril’s Gauntlets Anuhart Legionary’s Plate Boots (22% Speed boots) +1 Fenril's Plate Boots (For Tanking) Expert Durable Orichalcum Helm Noble Fancy Moonstone Necklace Akbar’s Earrings X 2 Genie’s Ring X 2 Oozerap’s Belt. Stats: HP 8885 (+2877) MP 3813 (+141) Attack (M/O) 335 (+126) Critical (M/O) 479 (+427) Accuracy (M/O) 1561 (+167) Magic Boost 0 Resist Magic 1091 (+118) Attack Speed 1.288 Physical Defense 1705 (+442) Parry 1498 (+80) Magical Accuracy 973 Evasion 1254 (+57) Movement Speed 7.319 (+1.319) Shield Defense 1861 (+468) Crafts : 449 Armor Smithing 330 Gathering 376 Aether Gathering More information. I did not bot,nor gold the grind was grueling but fun for me. The Temp. has 12 mil in kinah, All the High End Stigmas you could want or need on the Temp and in the warehouse, which also has Tons of materials for your craft. ur cube/ backpack is fully expanded in the warehouse and on the toon, Also the Warehouse holds a lot of other valuable stuff you could save or sell. you could end up possibly another 13 mil selling it all. The Account has a SM level 28, The SM is holding all the mana stones in the warehouse, Tons and I mean Tons of High End ones so you could go enchant crazy or sell them. Also is a Rank 3 pvper with a lot of potential If you do buy the Account, I will send you the CD key within 5 Business of you buying it, your Shipping and Handling will be Free. Looking for a Reasonable Offer, not sure what my account is worth but I have an idea of 225+ US Dollars please. Have a Great Day
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.