WTS 50 Asmo Ranger Vaizel(US) --- And Buying / Trading 50 Templar Asmo Vaizel (US)

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    Asmodian 50 Ranger, 35 Glad, 30 Temp 10 Month Veteran Rewards Account Collector’s Edition Level 50 Ranger --- 449 Handicrafting, 399 Alchemy, 399 EssenceTapping, 368 AetherTapping ---- Mostly Every Morph Design From Divine And Every Fort --- 62,000 AP On Character --- 110,000 AP In AP Items In Warehouse Weapon --- +4 Level Archon Centurion’s Longbow W/ Worthy Noble Salix Bow No GS Helmet --- Lakhane’s Kerchief Jerkin --- Adma Elite’s Jerkin Leggings --- +1 Archon Centurion’s Leather Leggings Pauldrons --- Anuhart Ranger Leather Pauldrons Gloves --- Archon Centurion’s Leather Gloves Boots --- +1 Archon Centurion’s Leather Boots Necklace --- Lonely Sapphire Necklace Earrings --- 2x Anuhart’s Diamond Earrings Rings --- 2x Lonely Sapphire Ring Belt --- Archon Tribuns’s Leather Belt Wings --- Black Cloud Wing Feather Stigmas --- Bow Of Blessing I --- Trap Of Slowing III --- Sleep Arrow I --- Silence Arrow V --- Bestial Fury I --- Focused Shots I --- Speed Of The Wind I --- Explosive Arrow II Account also has a 35 Glad, and 30 Temp With Little to nothing on there chars except all skillbooks and morph designs bought... Add my --- [email protected] or throw me an email/pm on this forum. Any and all offers will be thought upon!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.