WTS: 50.4 Mil Skillpoint Gallente Toon

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    462 mil isk in wallet 147 known skills 66 skills to level 5 Clone protecting all skill points plus jump clone to low sec. Account still active and currently training Implants +3 for all attributes. Security Status 1.99 Neural Remap available NOW. IMPLANTS +3 for all attributes. DOB - 2005, took a break for a few years, so skill point totals do not match age of account. Stuff - -In lowsec - 1 Myrmidon Drone boat T2 drones, well fitted for PVE 1 Brutix 1 Ishkur 1 Catalyst for salvage ops Plus random loot, ammo and fittings -In highsec - 1 Dominix - With assortment of T2 drones fitted for PVE 1 Catalyst for salvage ops Plus random loot, ammo, fittings, and minor ships Not in a corporation since Oct 2010. Account has been relatively inactive for about 18 months. I update the training queue, that is about it. I know I am an unknown entity on this site, so I believe getting a involved would be best for everyone. I would like to get $400 to my PAYPAL. I will post all offers I receive and wait 24 hours for higher bids. No trades. This is for character tranfer only. I will pay transfer fees. PM me if interested. Post here first. -Josh
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