WTS: 5 Industrial accounts ** Isk making machine!!**

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    Hi everyone, time has come for me to sell my accounts due to my university studies. These accounts are ideal for generating a high regular income in eve online. Due to lack of time i was not running my setup to its full capacity, but i was still generating 400 mill isk per day in highsec, this set up if run right could easy make someone 800mill isk plus as a daily income. The 5 accounts will come as a bundle, i wont be selling them individually. All there assets and isk will be included. 3 of the accounts are miners 1 account is a maxed orca pilot with foreman implants for boosting and 1 account is a freighter pilot. **i would recommend getting vmware and stealth-miner pro/classic to use these accounts to its max potential!** All the characters are in one single player owned corp that you will have ownership of, each of the above characters has full director roles, the orca pilot is the ceo for the corp, each character has a positive wallet and positive sec and faction standings for all races, the corp wallet is positive also with 4 billion isk (this will be in the wallet for you). Im a tursted seller, i've done this once before via link is given below, final sale will be done through playerup.com/paypal for a safer transaction for both parties. 102 mill sp,( Super Capital char) 99% pvp focused. GREAT DEAL! ://cgi.playerup.com.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...720733&afsrc=1 So to confirm your getting 5 accounts as follows: account 1 = 1 miner [12.4 mill sp] (comes with mack mining barged included t2 fitted ) account 2 = 1 miner [6 mill sp] (comes with mack mining barged included t2 fitted ) account 3 = 1 miner [10 mill sp] (comes with mack mining barged included t2 fitted ) account 4 = 1 focused maxed orca pilot [9 mill sp] (comes with fiitted orca, pilot comes with mining foreman implant) account 5 = 1 frieghter pilot [7 mill sp](no freighter included) each account has about 20-25 days left on their subscription. I'm looking for a quick sale and a decent price for the job lot. Contact me for any further details. Thanks for looking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.