WTS: 5 EVE online accounts including nyx pilot + ship, JF pilot + rhea + rorqual.

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    I'd like to step out of this game and I'd like to sell all of my accounts in one go. This deal consists of 4 accounts 1st account: Well skilled supercarrier pilot with nyx supercarrier (well fitted with deadspace mods etc. Like it should be fitted). 45m SP also on this account a well skilled hulk pilot + hulk 2nd account: Jump freighter pilot (jump freighter V, jump drive cal V) and max skilled mining booster. Owns a rhea and a rorqual. Is also close to a carrier. 36m SP 3rd account: Well skilled pvp pilot skilled towards both minmatar and amarr t2/t3 ships. Is able to fly a lot of pvp ships including: battleships, recons, heavy interdictors and logistics. 34m SP 4th account: Indy character with capital building IV and a lot of the science skills (needed for tech 2 production). Also able to fly freighters/jump freighters (ark) and almost in a carrier. This is also a mining character able to fly a hulk. 35m SP 5th account 10m SP hulk pilot. I'm willing to let the whole lot go for $999. Contact me via forum PM if interested.
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