[WTS] 5.2Mil SP Hulk/Drake/Raven Pilot!

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    I did the wrong skill plan for this pilot and messed him up a little bit, but he can fly a decent mining hulk or a drake capable of level 3/4 missions. Can also fly a Raven. Cannot currently Ice Mine. NOTABLE SKILLS: -Drones V -Light Scout Drones V -Gas Harvesting III -Industry V -Mining IV -Refining IV -Salvaging IV -Cruise Missile IV -Heavy Missile III OTHER SKILLS: -Basic Lvl III PI skills -Minimum scanning skills -Minimum rigging skills -Can pilot Hulk -Can pilot Drake (With shield/ballistic T2 fit) -Can pilot Raven (With shield/ballistic T2 fit) Revamp is geared toward industrial, attributes currently being: INT:27 PER:17 CHR:17 WIL:20 MEM:18 Oh yeah, forgot what I wanted for it haha how silly of me! $30 USD is my offer, but I'm willing to haggle. Also, I'm selling the account not the toon.
Thread Status:
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