WTS: 4x 55 Caracters Verry Good Geared .

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    Server : Israphel - Asmodia - Sorcerer Weapon : +1 Lannok’s Spellbook Gear : +5 Elite Archon Squad Leader’s Tunic +5 Elite Archon Squad Leader’s Pauldrons +5 Elite Archon Squad Leader’s Leggings +5 Elite Archon Squad Leader’s Gloves +5 Elite Archon Squad Leader’s Shoes Valetta’s Bandana Pacification Sapphire Necklace Valetta’s Corundum Earrings Celestius’s Corundum Earrings Archon Tribunus’s Sapphire Ring Archon Tribunus’s Sapphire Ring Archon Tribunus’s Ruby Ring Archon Tribunus’s Belt HP 10250(+6068) MP 8651(+2584) Kinah 12 mil Israphel - Elyos - Assassin Weapon : Virhana’s Sword - Heaven-shattering Longbow - +2 Miragent’s Sword Gear : Miragent’s Leather Pauldrons Miragent’s Jerkin Miragent’s Leather Leggings Miragent’s Leather Gloves Miragent’s Leather Shoes Beshmundir Assassin Hairpin Anurati’s Necklace Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Earrings Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Earrings Noah’s Tears Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Ring Anuhart Brigade General’s Leather Belt HP 9729(+4290) MP 6419(+2454) Kinah 8 mil Siel - Elyos - Gladiator Weapon : +10 Menotios’s Spear - Anuhart Elite’s Dagger - Diabolical Sword Gear : Sunsoaked Breastplate +10 Elite Guardian Squad Leader’s Plate Pauldrons Pacification Plate Greaves +10 Elite Guardian Squad Leader’s Gauntlets +9 Elite Guardian Squad Leader’s Plate Boots Koruchinerk’s Chaperon Ruby Necklace of Memory Guardian Tribunus’s Ruby Earrings Kynus’s Corundum Earrings Guardian Primus Pilus’s Corundum Ring Guardian Squad Leader’s Topaz Ring Guardian Tribunus’s Leather Belt HP 10433(+3603) MP 4428(+463) Kinah 24 mil Vaizel | Elyos | Chanter Weapon : +6 Triroan’s Staff - Fasimedes’ Warhammer - Worthy Adamantium Shield Gear : Worthy Adamantium Shield Expert Drenium Mail Anuhart Legionary’s Chain Pauldrons Anuhart Legionary’s Chain Greaves Berserk Spirit’s Chain Gloves Anuhart Legionary’s Chain Boots Yulia’s Chain Hood Kalanadi’s Necklace Earrings of Ascending Heavenly God’s Garnet Earrings Noah’s Tears Vehalla’s Ring Guardian Tribunus’s Leather Belt HP 8477(+3020) MP 6525(+458) Kinah 11 mil The Account come with the next info : Acc Login Acc Password Secret Question / Answer Original Key NcSoft E-Mail (Forward) Photo ID if you wish. Price # - Contact from [email protected]
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