WTS - 43mil sp Pure Minmatar PvP Pilot and 9mil sp Jump Freighter Pilot

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    Posted these same characters a few months ago, up for sale again now that the Eve forum is back. Character #1: 43 million skill points. Purely trained for Minmatar since I was a new player, this character is great for PvP. This character comes with 3 billion isk. He flies and owns a carrier, has Commandship 5 (Very Rare), HAC 5, and flies almost all Minmatar tech II ships very well, including Heavy Interdictors. Gunnery skills are another strong point of this character. He has perfect base skills (all level 5) and excellent projectile skills including maxed out medium projectile skills. This is a VERY good pvp pilot. Skill Sheet for this Character Character 2: 9 million skill points. Jump freighter capable alt character. Jump Drive Calibration is trained to 5 so she can jump the maximum distance allowed. Great for moving ships and modules all over Eve. Skill Sheet for this Character I am willing to sell these two characters either separately, or as a package. PM me if interested.
Thread Status:
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