WTS 42 million Active Minmitar Charater

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    Has a lot of industry and science skill and i have been currently training him for pvp, he can fly t2 frigates, cruisers and has BC5. here is the link to his eveboard, it has trained more since i last put him on there, but you get an idea and will update eve board, just seeing if anyone is interested in purchasing [Removed]-Sidney812 Updated as of 7/18/2012 Also has full set up +4's positive walled and over a bill in assets. Im open to offers but i have a price in mind. He has awesome indy skills and his pvp skills are getting really good, can t2 shield fit most ships other than weapons. I also have a 2nd toon on this accoutn with over 2mil SP in industry, and full Planetary Interaction skills so its definitly a good start for an alt. But let me know
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.