WTS: 4 insane pures, LOOK!

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    Hello I have been playing runescape for 5 Years and now am going to quit, I am OO of all these accounts which ive been slowly creating because i enjoy PKing (Player killing) REPLY ON THREAD # YOU PM ME OR I WILL IGNORE IT The info on the accounts is shown bellow:- Acc 77cb #1 60 Attack 70 Strength 40 Deffence 75 Constitution 85 Magic 52 Prayer 85 Range Acc 80cb #2 71 Attack 85 Strengh 20 Deffence 77 Constitution 70 Magic 44 Prayer 71 Range Acc 79cb #3 71 Attack 70 Strengh 45 Deffence 69 Constitution 61 Magic 43 Prayer 62 Range Acc 51cb #4 40 Attack 65 Strengh 1 Deffence 57 Constitution 25 Magic 31 Prayer All these accounts have 2m gold on them and a nice set of PKing (Player killing) set and of course food/pots ETC. SEND ME YOUR OFFERS And Scammers I WILL NOT be going first, get it in your thick skulls
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