WTS 4 EVE accounts

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    as title says: 4 accounts, account information given all contents on accounts including all cyno alts etcc are included! main highlight: I. Character: 28.4m SP: industry/trade/JF/ soon rorq and hulk pilot/exploration, cyno 5, perfect PI, II. Character: 31.5m SP: Thanatos, BO "sin", pvp pilot, good for pve combined with Character III. III. Character: 77.1m SP: near perfect revelation pilot, 28 days till dread 5, BO "redeemer, Sin", logistc 5, all cruiser 5,Pulse spec 5, good leadership skills, perfect loki lots more... IV. Character: 63m SP: Chimera basic pilot, Naglfar basic pilot, BO "widow,panther" recon5, cyno 5,perfect loki, lots more Assets: Thanatos, Obelisk, sin, ishtar, 500m isk and lots of crap around, estimate total value of Assets at about 5b spread between all 4 accounts full skills tree upon request!!! contact me through these boards via pm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.