WTS: 4 accounts (including isk)

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    I have 4 accounts that I am willing to put up for sale. I have put too much time into all this and I am planning to leave it all behind when a good offer is being made.

    All 4 characters can fly Hulk
    3 of them can mine ice with Exhumers up to Level V for max ice reduce cycletimes
    1 of them can fly orca
    1 of them has 3 BIL of ISK ready for your use.
    2 of them have ice in stations that hasnt been refined yet, prolly worth around 1-2 B Isk

    I only sell all of them or none.
    For any details feel free to ask. (available on irc too)
    Make an offer if you're interested

    Some more details:
    The accounts last till: 5/31/2011 - 6/21/2011 - 6/16/2011 and 6/4/2011
    So there is still active gametime.

    Quite a few have shown interest already but you all want me to make a starting bid.
    So I will make one (I will show you how I get to my price):
    3 of them had at least 3 months of training in them to get them to that ice mining elite level so thats worth 3 plex per account - (3 x $30 = $90)
    1 of them (the orca pilot) is an older account and has alot more skills ($60)
    3 B isk (3 x $20 = $60)
    Ice crystals: 21489 + 2858 + 2851 = 27198 , I see them getting sold in my area for 147K a piece, so thats roughly 4 B isk (4 x $20)
    The ships and other assets per account I wont count along, so total minimum:

    I dont even count the current gametime available along. So my starting offer is $300
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.