WTS: 3x65 Snowbourn (EU)

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    Hi , moving onto Rift then Tor and ive decided to never go back to LOTRO ( ... ) So , im looking to sell my account - Ive been CPU less for a couple months and the account isnt active and ill try and remember the details to the best of my ability - 65 Male Hobbit Burglar 135 Rad DN / Mirk Armour - Fully levelled uber weapon and tools. Top jewels. High traits and deeds. 65 Female Elf Champion 150 Rad Full Hele Armour set - Fully levelled uber weapon and runes. Top jewels. High traits and deeds. 65 Woman Warden 35 (ish) Rad - just turned 65 - has uber weapons but not fully maxed , rest is about 3/4 off top ( traits , jewels , armour ) Other toons 36 (ish) Man Captain + 5 others all lower mostly storage toons. Other details - Spent lots on additional storage . Total gold around 150 . Not been into Ettens much and havent spent any destiny points and ive played for ages , i think theres a 2 in front of my total destiny points i think its 200k but may be 20k . On all my toons i have Supreme master in all vocations bar woodworker , and guild kindred in WS , MS , Tailor and Jewels + Several SM prospectors etc . Have lots of resources hidden all over the place . Any questions feel free to ask , not quite sure how much ill accept , ill just have to see what kind of offers i get (if any) - Will be using paypal and . Thanks for looking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.