WTS: 3x steller accounts! 1- 100 zerk, 92sk, 80rng. 2- 100 bard, 93chanter. 3- 96 sham

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    Age and responsibility blows but such is life!! so selling off the extra load of 3 accounts! All accounts are on Drinal, a regular rules server, so are transferable to any of the non-progression servers and all have 150ish days of gold remaining. I am the original and only owner of these 3 accounts and have all the necessary information required (original credit card #s, secret question answers, hell, i've even still got the original pre-expansion EQ CD for the bard account if ya wanted me to mail that to you hehe) I have no intention on selling any of these for 2 weeks to give me some time to feel out the offers and see what I can get for them. Not sure if what I'm gonna ask will be laughed at for being so high or if it's stupid low so gonna give it some time to see what offers do roll in. I'm NOT interested in any trades. A good deal will absolutely be considered if you want all 3 and likewise they are not a package deal so am willing to sell them off individually. First account - $700 100 Zerker, ~3/4s VoA raid geared. 5.3k AA. epic 2.0 92 SK, RoF group geared, 2.6k AA. epic 2.0 80 Ranger, just about the best bazaar geared available for 80, 1.5k AA. The ultimate power leveling account. headshotting ranger, swarming SK and decaping zerker. Second Account - $550 100 Bard, 5.3k AA. RoF t1/t2 group geared 93 Chanter, 350 AA. RoF t1 group geared (really a blank slate work in progress toon that never got much done with it) Solid box account. Bards make everything better! Third Account - $350 96 Shaman, Voa/RoF group geared. 4k AA 70 Ranger, Anguish Geared. 600 AA Basically a buff/heal ***** box So onto the meat of the accounts! Account 1! This account is a power leveling beast!! Zerker Magelo - eq.magelo/profile/1779654 The zerker even at 5.3k AA is pretty much fully AAd out, he's maxed on just about everything that matters including all the RoF ones. Really all that's left to work is some stuff with endurance regain and delay death and the rest of the not-so-vital stuff like those. He pumps out ridiculous 90k+ dps on raid burns but probably even more impressive than that is what he can do with decap for power leveling. Mind boggling popping off 470k single hits and dropping pulls of 100 mobs in a matter of seconds. His gear is about 3/4s VoA raid including a raid 2hander. The few remaining slots filled out with some VoA/RoF group stuff. He is very well auged though for pure ideal raid DPS you'd probably want to drop a few of the heavier AC augs he has equiped for hdex/str ones, I mixed in some good AC stuff for the decap pulls where ya need to be able to eat a bunch of melee damage. Magelo is off on some stats and can't find where it's giving him a few dozen extra AAs but all the gear is correct and the AAs are pretty much 99% spot-on. Here is a pic of his exact as-is stats completely unbuffed. So the rest of the goodies on this toon... -As you can see thx to the lovely new UI feature he has just shy of 140 days remaining on his gold status. -He is t3 raid flagged for VoA -He has his j5 merc and has a second merc slot unlocked (currently has a healer and dps merc) -He is fully flagged for all the current expansions requiring it. including t9 for UF (including the conv 12 man), t4 in HoT and 100 alarin for VoA (though that honestly became null and void with RoF where it's now a 5 minute quest to complete heh) and of course RoF has no progression. -He is raid flagged to be able to use pure power sources. -Has little over 2200 SC atm, should help you with a server transfer if you need it, just need few more bucks worth. Also has a couple thousand loyalty tokens and is just shy of maxing that. -He has an anchor already. this account was also a pre-order for RoF so it has the 1hr clicky that teleports you to CoB for quick RoF/VoA access. -Account has 5 years of vet rewards. -Bags loaded with all the clickies you could ever want, including 2.0 and a UF BP for burns. a few illusions as well. The extras on this account - 92 SK w/epic 2.0 + 2.6k AAs. Don't have a magelo put together but if ya really wanted one I could do it, just let me know! But here's a pic of his unbuffed as-is stats.... It's pretty much all RoF group gear and well auged with a ton of 35+ ac augs including 2 42ac ones out of RoF and the 16 dmg 2hander aug for his RoF 2hander weapon. All the AAs are swarming centered and he can tear it up in Fort mech and the Mech guardian. No j5 merc done yet but he can probably solo that in 45 minutes, just havn't gotten 'round to it. 80 Ranger 1.5k AAs Nothing spectacular here. Just a fun headshotting power leveler to help toons get through some of the lower levels. The 1.5k AAs though is pretty sick for level 80 so he can tear it up too if ya just want to go around slaughtering stuff SECOND ACCOUNT! Bard Magelo - eq.magelo/profile/2357674 Well AA'd at just shy of 5.4k AAs. Missing a handful that might be required if you wanted to take him raiding like some debuff stuff but maxed on all the DPS burning utilities and AAs. Gear is a mix of mostly t2 RoF group with some t1 group mixed in. Very well auged including a few of the nice anniversary raid augs. Same as zerker didnt feel like going through and adjusting/adding into magelo for power source stats so it's a bit off, here's a pic of his unbuffed stats The other goodies... - ~160 days of gold remaining - Has his j5 merc and has an extra merc slot purchased already (currently has cleric and dps merc) - Has all the proper flags from the most recent expansions including t9 in UF (including 12 man conv), t4 in hot and 100 alarin in VoA - He is raid flagged for use of pure power sources - Account has 9 years! of vet rewards and is just about a month and a half away from his 10th. - The account has 3200 SC so you can buy his transfer and still have bunch left over. Also has few thousand loyalty tokens and is near full on that meter. - Lots of fun illusions including halfling and dwarf to name a few. - Was a RoF pre-order account so has the clicky staff for quick porting to CoB for easy VoA/RoF access. The 93 Enchanter... No magelo, he's pretty much a DoA toon as it stands. Leveled up and started in on getting him AAs but never had the time to really get him going. Loaded him up in full RoF group gear though so with a little bit of time could be a nice toon. A quick pic of where he stands atm... THIRD ACCOUNT! Shammy Magelo... eq.magelo/profile/2357675 Really just the cliche shammy buff box. But nearly fully AAd out on everything pet/dot/healing related so a great jumping off point. Not gonna be the best raider though if that's what you had in mind as he's lacking his 2.0 and a lot of the raid-centered AAs. (though he does have the anguish orb for his 2.0, just needs all the rest of the annoying leg work done) Though his group gear is a mix of mostly t1 RoF group and some VoA group he is very well auged with a ton of +hWis stuff. Pic of more accurate as-is unbuffed stats... The other goodies - ~150 days of gold left - Has j5 merc and an extra slot already purchased (currently has a tank and dps merc) - Is flagged for all the current expansions (t9 UF w/12 man, t4 HoT and 100 alarin for VoA) - Has bit over 2200 SC to help with a server transfer or to just splurge on something. Also has nearly 6k in loyalty tokens and is maxed on the meter. - Has just 1 year of vet rewards but is just about 35 days away from 2nd. - Has the super rare raid speed ant mount from UF. - Has the anchor from station store already purchased. - Is a master 300 skill alchemist with a 14/15 trophy and 2x 40 slot trade skill bags nearly filled with thousands of mats for alchemy. 70 Ranger - Mostly just a mess around character. Has nearly full anguish gear minus visible stuff (since unfortunately easy dropped defiant stuff actually is better lol) but the non-vis/weapons are all really sick raid stuff for his level and makes him a fun beast to go tearorizing around on. Solid 600 AAs well spent along with a bunch of the nicer augs available at level 70. And that's them! Feel free to ask away with any questions. I'd also be more than willing to take some time and explain out in good detail some of the skills and strats behind the toons with the purchaser (like the zerker, don't expect to walk into him and top DPS parses, you'll need to familiarize yourself with over a dozen different disciplines and combat abilities and how they stack and in what order they need to be clicked! or the SK where you're probably gonna die 30 times before you get comfortable with swarming)
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