WTS: 3x LOTRO Lifetime Accounts with high ranked creeps and lots of freeps

Discussion in 'LOTRO Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LOTRO, 9/30/13.

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    Hi everyone I would like to sell my 3 LOTRO life time accounts. Ive been playing all 3 accounts since release date, and have simply no use for them due to IRL stuff. Since they are lifetime accounts all the VIP bonuses comes with them like 500 points pr month ect ect All 3 accounts have the following expansions: Mines of Moria Siege of Mirkwood Rise of Isengard All with special edition ingame items like cosmetics and mounts. The main account consists of the following: Freeps: LVL 65 elf Hunter Rank 9 (Male) LVL 65 Dwarf Guardian Rank 4 (Male) LVL 65 Hobbit Burglar (Male) LVL 34 Man Hunter (Male) LVL 40 Elf Rune-Keeper (Female) LVL 65 Man Warden Rank 4 (Male) LVL 65 Elf Lore-Master (Male) LVL 65 Man Captain Rank 4 (Male) LVL 75 Dwarf Rune-Keeper Rank 4 (Male) LVL 15 Elf Warden (Female) LVL 31 Hobbit Warden (Male) Creeps: Rank 9 Reaver Rank 11 Weaver Rank 9 Black Arrow Rank 9 Warleader Rank 9 Warg Rank 9 Defiler Turbine points: 12939 Second account consists of the following: Freeps: LVL 15 Elf Minstrel (Female) LVL 65 Elf Rune-Keeper (Male) LVL 30 Dwarf Minstrel (Male) LVL 15 Elf Lore-Master (Female) LVL 65 Dwarf Champion (Male) LVL 15 Hobbit Minstrel (Female) LVL 15 Elf Guardian (Female) LVL 65 Hobbit Minstrel (Male) LVL 65 Man Burglar Rank 4 (Male) LVL 65 Elf Champion Rank 4 (Male) LVL 65 Elf Minstrel (Male) LVL 65 Man Lore-Master Rank 4 (Male) LVL 32 Hobbit Guardian (Male) LVL 15 Hobbit Warden (Female) LVL 16 Hobbit Hunter (Female) LVL 15 Elf Hunter (Female) Creeps: No ranked creeps Turbine points:7880 3rd account consists of the following: Freeps: LVL 30 Elf Guardian (Male) LVL 15 Hobbit Burglar (Female) LVL 15 Lore-Master (Female) LVL 15 Man Warden (Female) LVL 15 Hobbit Guardian (Female) LVL 65 Man Guardian (Male) LVL 43 Man Champion (Male) LVL 15 Man Minstrel (Female) LVL 30 Hobbit Hunter (Male) LVL 32 Man Captain (Female) LVL 15 Man Guardian (Female) LVL 30 Elf Warden (Male) LVL 30 Dwarf Hunter (Male) LVL 15 Man Champion (Female) LVL 30 Man Minstrel (Male) LVL 15 Man Hunter (Female) LVL 30 Man Burglar (Female) Turbine points: 11925 As you can see ive spend alot of time on these accounts and im in no hurry to sell unless i get a really good offer, so at the moment it will go the the highest bidder If interested send me a message
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