[WTS] 39 Million SP PvP Pilot ($200)

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    PERFECT Amarr PVP character 36.3m sp+ 3 million Unallocated points= 39.3m sp+ NICE SHIPS Negotiable!

    Please Note that this listing price ONLY includes whats listed in this auction HOWEVER if you wish for me to set up a new deal that includes all of this and up to 7 billion isk I will add the isk on at a rate noticeably lower then all the current isk sellers.

    This Particular for sale offer includes only 1 isk though! You must contact me if you wish to set up a new sale offer that includes however many billion isk you wish to buy and I will change the price accordingly!

    Hello I am selling a very nice Amarr character (with some slight cross over to minmatar) character. This character has 36.3million skil points AND comes with 3 million unallocated skill points (learning refund) that u can instantly put in whatever you want thats a total of 39.3 million sp! Which is more then enough when you allocate them as flawlessly as I did!

    You will see accounts on here for the same price as mine but with more skillpoints but dont be fooled all of those accounts have MASSIVE WASTED SP. My account was streamlined for PVP from the very first day and I stuck to Amarr until I maxed just about everything there was to max recently I went ahead and got minmatar frig/cruiser to 4 and almost 5 respectively as well as battleship 2 or 3 and im training up their guns so that you can fly minmitar cross over pirate faction ships VERY NICELY.

    Comes with positive wallet (aka like 1 isk). He also has 1 remap avilable and 3 bonus remaps available now. Although His stats are very nicely placed as is. He has one clone with all plus 4 standard stat implants and 2 jump clones with no implants. He is -10 standing but since he was created in 2006 and I havnt played him or even trained him in a long time I think he would be completely unknown and you would have no trouble getting into any corp you wanted.

    He is FULLY CAPITAL ready if you choose to buy the carrier/dread skill books and allocate the 3 million in that direction and your not only flying capital ships your flying them well!

    Comes with the following FULLY RIGGED and FULLY t2 or better fit SHIPS Paladin, Absolution, Abbaddon, Zealot, Apocalypse, and Hurricane all docked just 4 jumps from Jita along with those ships at the same station there are a decent amount of back upt2 modules and some drones and medium quality implants but dont expect too much outside of the ships themselves. It also comes with an armegeddon battle ship the amarr industrial ship and a couple lesser ships and mods spread throughout the galaxy.

    Here are screenshots showing you his exact skills and proving what I said in my post is accurate. Name not shown for obvious reasons.
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