WTS 39 mil SP Gallente, PVE, support, Capital ships, command ships , freighter +

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    WTS 39 mil SP Gallente, PVE, superb support pilot, Gallente Freighter, Command ships pilot, Capital ships ready 1.5mio unallocated SP, 2 remaps available +4 implants set, armored warfare mindlink excellent fleet command ships pilot (amarr, caldari, 8mil in leadership, command ships lvl5) caldari capital ships ready gallente freighter pilot recon ships lvl5 4.0 security status (can fly safely ANYWHERE) corporations: federal freight, ishukone, creodron 9+ standings federation navy 6 standing, caldari navy 5 standing, ... factions: gallente federation 6.5 standing, minmatar republic 5.0 standing 1mil combined research points 420k combined loyalty points notable assets: 350mio isk, damnation, raven, obelisk, 1000 valkyrie t2, 10x100run valkyrie t2 bpc, several implants, tons of gear, components... Stopped playing a long time ago and could use some cash now. PM me for Skill Sheet. Price €200.00, PayPal only please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.