WTS 38.75 Ranger on Siel (Asmo)

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    Male character, 1.7m cash.. over 500k in mats in the WH. All blue items except headband, gloves, and bow, bow is +7. gloves are the orange pvp gloves from the abyss. boots are from mist mane farming +20 run speed. Alternate characters- 13 sorc, 11 assassin, 11 gladiator, 30 templar (NO GEAR ON THIS CHARACTER), 11 spiritmaster (this character has 8 lodas amulets left from the preorder and survey) and 2 clerics both level 5. Be careful before deleting any of the alts you may want to remake, I have put kinah on all chars to some extent you may want to get that off first. My AIM is ahays248 is [email protected] (this is preferred)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.