WTS: 35million SP Amarr PVP/MoneyMaker (Can Fly Capitals)

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    So I made this account a few years back, my one and only account, has had much love from me and a great eve life. But now I've done everything to do in the game and I'm becoming bored, so I am now looking to sell this decent character. Key Points: Can fly.. Archon (carrier) Revelation (dreadnought) Aeon (supercarrier) Paladin (marauder) Legion (amarr t3) Tengu (caldari t3) Amarr HAC's Amarr Recons Caldari HAC's Caldari Recons almost all t1 ships of all races, LOADS of brilliant T2 ships, carebearing, dps, tackle, ewar, logistics.. This character can do it all. Comes with +5 sec status and great standing with amarr empire(run all level missions) and good caldari standing. Its a great character that can do anything you want to great effect. Below is a list of its skills, I am looking for around $500 Comes with positive wallet and a tengu T3 pimped out fit for mission running/ratting (worth over 1 billion isk) ---------- Post added 05-07-2011 at 04:22 PM ---------- Woops, typo, unless you want to offer $500 =P Actual price looking for is $400 (£250) ono Paypal only. *thinks of anything else I might have missed* I am original owner of character, Can either xfer the char to account or give account, up to buyer. Never been used to scam.bot.cheat. Good PVP history. PM me with any additional questions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.