WTS: 31m SP Amarr Pilot Cap Ready and Ark ready in 4 days.

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    Looking at getting shot of this character, giving up in the game.

    Faction: Amarr Empire
    SKILLS 31m sp

    Drones (1 in queue) 9 skills, 2,304,355
    Electronics 13 skills, 2,768,793
    Engineering 8 skills, 1,137,121
    Gunnery 19 skills, 8,336,865
    Mechanic 12 skills, 1,335,304
    Navigation 9 skills, 5,363,774
    Science 6 skills, 569,916
    Spaceship Command 18 skills, 9,258,860
    Subsystems 5 skills, 226,275
    Trade 4 skills, 45,755 points

    The account had just had a 30 day TC added. Also it had about 600-800m in assets and ISK.

    He's been in some of the most well known PVP corps and alliances in game. No issues with corp theft so clean record.

    Please post your offers or PM me on here Paypal only, you can also email me on [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.