[WTS] 30 lvl account lol server east! Rank silver1

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    i wont talk much. i got all champions unlocked 111/111 ( last update 23/3/2013). i got 10 runepages 60 skins 2 legendary(olaf blitz) and 2 seasonal (halloween season 1 fidle skin) and maokai (cristmas skin season 2) the most of the skins i have are from season 1 and season 2 i dont know which of them are not for sale anymore. also i got Rank: SILVERI ( 1 rank lower than golden) the account is from season 1. i also got from runes: marks: armorx9 armor penx9 physical dmg x9 attack speedx9 healthx10 armor pen-magicpen x8 magic ressistx9 magic penx9 seals: flat armorx9 physical dmgx9 attack speedx9 flat healthx9 mana reg(per lvl) per 5 x9 flat apx9 glyps glat armorx9 attack speedx9 magic resist per lvl x9 cooldownreductionx9 crt chancex9 crt dmgx9 mana per lvlx9 flat apx9 quintences flat healthx3 flat healthx3 armor penx3 physical dmgx3 attack speedx3 crt dmgx3 gold per 10 x3 health regen per 5x3 magic pen x3 movement speex3 apx3 my name is Xaramismenos (flat) - - - Updated - - - i forgot to tell u that i have SIlver Board from last season. i got the mark of the honnor opponent.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.