WTS: 30 LoL account. S2 Silver Border, Division II Silver S3 atm. PAX TF skin(Super rare)

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    Post here before contacting with an offer. Post here before contacting with an offer. Post here before contacting with an offer. Will pick +repped members over non repped members. Sorry for the inconvenience. Looking to see what I can get for my level 30 account that was played right after beta. 8 Rune Pages: Marks: +.91 Armor x9 +1.3 Armor Pen x9 +.95 Physical Dmg x9 +1.7% Attack Speed x9 +.87 Magic Pen x9 Seals: +1.4 Armor x9 +1.9 AP (18) x9 Glyphs: +1.3 Magic Resist x9 +3.1 AP (18) x9 Quintessences: +5.0 AP x3 +2.3 Physical Damage x3 +1.0 gp10 x3 +26 HP x2 +2.0 Magic Pen x1 +1.5% Movement Speed x3 List of champions and skins: Ahri Alistar-Unchained Alistar Amumu-Sad Robot Amumu Anivia Annie Ashe-Freljord, Amethyst Brand Caitlyn-Officer Cassiopeia Cho'Gath Corki-UFO (Unavailable) Darius-Lord Diana-Dark Valkyrie Draven-Soul Reaver Elise Evelynn Galio Gangplank Garen Graves-Mafia Hecarm-Blood Knight, Headless(Unavailable) Irelia-Infiltrator Janna Jarvan IV- Warring Kingdoms Jax-Angler(Legacy) Jayce-Full Metal Karma Karthus Kassadin-Harbringer Katarina-Mercenary, Slay Belle(Unavailable?) Kayle-Judgment(Unavailable) Kha'Zix-Mecha Lee Sin-Acolyte Leona-Iron Solari Lulu Lux-Steel Legion Malphite Maokai Master Yi-Assassin, Chosen, Ionia Mordekaiser- Lord Nami Nautius- AstroNautilus Nidalee-Headhunter Nunu Olaf-Glacial, BrOlaf (Legendary) Orianna-Sewn Chaos Pantheon-Perseus, Full Metal Poppy Quinn Renekton-Bloodfury Rengar Riven-Redeemed, Battle Bunny Rumble Ryze-Tribal Sejauni Shaco-Mad Hatter, Royal, Masked Shen- Frozen, Yellow Jacket(Legacy) Shyvana Sivir Soraka Swain-Tyrant Syndra Talon-Renegade, Crimson Elite Taric Thresh-Deep Terror Tristana-Riot Girl Tryndamere Twisted Fate- Jack of Hearts, Tango, Musketeer, PAX Twisted Fate(Only 20,000 given away.. super rare goes for hundreds on playerup.com) Udyr-Primal Vayne-Dragonslayer Vi Vladimir Wukong-General, Jade Xerath Xin Zhao-Imperial, Warring Kingdoms, Winged Hussar Zed Ziggs Zilean Zyra
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